Winner 2012

Award for
Small Projects

Project Description

Sculptural structures are an unusual addition to the Structural Awards programme, however the judges recognised in RISE the opportunity to celebrate the intrinsic beauty of a highly efficient structure where everything is on show for the public to see. The structure was sufficiently light to be positioned above an existing motorway underpass without additional modification, the mass of the air contained within the outer sphere being roughly a third of that of the mass of the structure itself. This highly distinctive landmark not only celebrates the fresh opportunity represented by the coming of each new dawn, but also revels in structural engineering as the profession which pursues and achieves the multiple aims of value, efficiency and delight

Judge’s comments

"Pure sculptural structures are amongst the most difficult to achieve successfully, as everything is on view and will be scrutinised down to the finest detail. It is therefore a real pleasure to find a creation such as this, which admirably projects the artist's original vision and at the same time celebrates the aesthetic beauty of pure, efficient structure for its own sake."

Project overview

Client Name

  • Belfast City Council

Year Submitted

  • 2012