Winner 2012

Award for
Pedestrian Bridges

Project Description

The Peace Bridge is a unique, double curvature, self-anchored suspension bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. It provides an important link across the River Foyle between the historic city centre of Derry, Londonderry on one bank and a major re­ development on the site of the former Ebrington Barracks on the other. The double curvatures are equal and occur because of a disparity between the key site axes on opposite sides of the river. A dramatic structure arises as the curve on each side is supported by a single inclined pylon. An asymmetric, curving, triangular steel box forms the walkway and is supported from the two cables via inclined hanger rods.

Judge’s comments

"This exceptional structure was devised to meet an exceptional and very important brief, namely to create a landmark of the highest quality that was 'neutral' between the two banks of the River Foyle, linking two areas previously divided by conflict.

The challenge created by the double curvature was used to great advantage, as the single cables on opposite sides of the walkway create a structural symbol of a handshake, symbolising peace between the two communities."

Project overview

Client Name

  • llex URC Ltd

Year Submitted

  • 2012