Winner 2013

Award for
Arts or Entertainment Structures

Project Description

The Gardens by the Bay is already an important attraction on the water’s edge of Singapore. The gardens include two magnificent cooled conservatories, a small forest of “super-trees” and an aerial walkway, all of which exemplify innovative structural engineering. The whole complex is underpinned by a commitment to energy conservation and the enhancement of nature. The conservatories have an usual structure where an arch provides a spine to support a series of tensioned ribs – a highly original approach. The super-trees are sculptural objects in their own right but provide a really intriguing combination of engineering and aesthetic role – as solar collectors, chimneys, steam exhaust outlets and shade devices.

Judge’s comments

The engineers have clearly applied innovative thinking to achieve a series of structures that are original and visually striking. This is a project full of ideas and truly sustainable achievements. 

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Atelier One

Client Name

  • Dr Tan Wee Kiat, National Parks, Singapore


  • Marina South, Singapore

Year Submitted

  • 2013

Submitted By

  • Atelier One Images: Craig Sheppard; (2,3,4) Luis Fernandez;(1) Grant Associate;(5)