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Project Description

Halley VI, the British Antarctic Survey’s research base, provides a unique environment for the study of crucial earth science in one of the most challenging and extreme climates on the planet. With knowledge gained from previous research missions, this design cuts energy consumption by 26% per m2 from the previous station, reduces water consumption to just 50l per person per day, provides vacuum drainage, energy efficient equipment and sewage treatment to minimise its environmental impact. The aerodynamic shape optimises snow management and it sits lightly on the surface of the ice, allowing it to be removed at a later date leaving nothing behind except clean water.

Judge’s comments

The judges found this to be a highly sustainable and remarkable project. This “space age” research base is one of the most challenging and technically complex buildings ever delivered, and is an outstanding example of British design, innovation and construction. 

Project overview

Structural Designer


Client Name

  • British Antarctic Survey


  • Brunt Ice Shelf Antarctica

Year Submitted

  • 2013

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