Winner 2013

Award for
Small Practices

Project Description

This family of modern steel and glass staircases create a special feature in the theatre and celebrates the art of structural engineering. Each stair employs a different structural system – all demonstrating structural originality. The 34m long straight glass stair has laminated glass treads spanning between steel stringers in the first application of such technology at this scale in Russia. The oval stair is a particularly elegant solution with glass balustrades and uses high strength hangers to support the five levels. A scissor stair and a glass bridge complete the set, and in each case the engineering solution integrates with and responds well to the surrounding interior spaces.

Judge’s comments

This family of structures is well conceived and executed, and displays a versatility and ingenuity. The designers conceived innovative structural systems and use materials in an appropriate way to deliver an imaginative and elegant solution.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Malishev Wilson Engineers

Client Name

  • Mariinsky Theatre


  • St Petersburg, Russia

Year Submitted

  • 2013

Submitted By

  • Malishev Wilson Engineers