Project Description

The design of this new four-storey headquarters embodies the notions of integrated systems, prefabrication and hybrid mass timber. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is utilised extensively throughout the building for the floor plates, stairwells, and elevator cores, as well as the demising firewall, while steel columns provide floor and façade support. All panels were pre-cut and placed in a pre-planned sequence directly from the trailer for speed and ease of construction.

Judge’s comments

An elegant a four-storey building with floors of timber plates and beams supported on slim steel columns at the perimeter.  The project demonstrates technical advances in timber design and innovative seismic-resistant systems.

The building is full of innovations – an earthquake resisting system at the base of the shear walls, vibration testing of the timber floors and the use electrochromic glass for reducing cooling requirements, overall energy reductions and maintenance costs, and the inclusion of unique devices act as shock absorbers for the building during an earthquake.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Fast + Epp

Client Name

  • Fast + Epp


  • Vancouver, Canada


  • f2a architecture

Principal Contractor

  • Companion Construction

Key Contractors

  • HCMA Architecture + Design – Interiors

    Impact Engineering – Mechanical

    Opal Engineering – Electrical

    Structurelam – CLT

    Western Archrib – Glulam

    View Glass – Glazing

    GHL Consultants Ltd – Code

    Seagate Mass Timber – Installation

    Tectonus – EQ Units

Year Submitted

  • 2022

Key attributes

  • Planet