Project Description

A multi-storey skatepark providing skaters and local people with a unique recreational space to this otherwise quiet town in Kent. As well as being the world’s first indoor skate park, the first-floor features smooth concrete surfaces that are suspended in the air above the ground floor, creating the only suspended skate bowls in the world.

Judge’s comments

This unique building is the world’s first indoor skate park. The most striking features are the suspended and exposed reinforced concrete bowls   The first floor is shaped to both span across the building and also to provide the wild curves and dips that the skaters need and enjoy, making the design and construction of the concrete challenging.  

From the outset the project team considered the end-user, it was conceived to offer a safe activity space for young people living in a deprived area and funded by a charitable trust.  Computational technology was well utilised to design a structure that is not only visually beautiful but mindfully efficient and buildable.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Ramboll

Client Name

  • Roger de Haan Charitable Trust


  • Folkestone, UK


  • Holloway Studio

Principal Contractor

  • Jenners

Key Contractors

  • Spider Project Management – Project Managers

    Maverick Industries – Skate Park Surface Designers

Year Submitted

  • 2022

Key attributes

  • People

    Photography credits: Hufton + Crow