Project Description

A complex timber engineering stadium project seating 4,000 and serving as a dramatic gateway to the University of Idaho campus. The doubly curved plywood diaphragm roof is supported by 45m hybrid timber/steel trusses, all carefully proportioned for aesthetics and structural efficiency. Another unique feature of this project is the efficient timber/steel portal frame that spans 37m to allow for viewing from the secondary seating at the practice rink.

Judge’s comments

A stadium made largely of wood, with the very specific intention of celebrating the use of locally grown timber. The project serves as a model for the use of timber for long span sports facilities and is focused on innovation and optimisation in the design of mass timber construction.

Stakeholder involvement was sought early and throughout. A strong value and vision was placed on locally supplied timber and local artisan skills meaning which in turn informed the design. The result is the synergistic effort of all disciplines and a testament to the value of a collaborative approach.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • StructureCraft and KPFF

Client Name

  • University of Idaho


  • Idaho, USA


  • Opsis Architecture / Hastings + Chivetta

Principal Contractor

  • Opis Architecture

Key Contractors

  • Hastings + Chivetta – Sports Architect 

    StructureCraft – Timber Subcontractor

    Hoffman Construction – General Contractor

    Mule Studio – Parametric Design Consultant

    Boise Cascade – Manufacturer

    Potlatch Deltic – Manufacturer 

    QB Corp – Manufacturer 

    Idaho Forestry Group – Manufacturer

    Tri-Pro Cedar Products – Manufacturer

Year Submitted

  • 2022

Key attributes

  • People, Process