Project Description

A two-story structure providing an efficient space for wine production while blending into the UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape of the region. The 40m diameter timber roof is a unique reciprocal structure consisting of mutually supporting sloping beams that spans over large column-free space. The structure naturally creates a 6m wide oculus at its centre, allowing daylight to flood the upper level.

Judge’s comments

The project greatly benefited from an open and collaborative approach amongst the design team from the outset. The project team included a design-assist contractor, which allowed for open discussions about the structural design, early engagement with fabricators and close tracking of the project budget. The joinery was carried out on-site by a skilled carpenter from Madrid, who worked with a local team to apply traditional techniques to the complex geometry of the dome ceiling.

An aesthetically pleasing and high-quality example of timber engineering, exposed structure and integration of disciplines.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Foster + Partners

Client Name

  • SCE Chateau Teyssier


  • Bordeaux, France


  • Foster + Partners

Principal Contractor

  • Empty / BAUprojects

Key Contractors

  • A3A Architects – Collaborating Architect

    Simonin – Timber Roof Contractor, Design & Build

Year Submitted

  • 2022

Key attributes

  • People