Project Description

A preservation project that freed up space for display and study, generated 80% more exhibition space and doubled the overall public space on offer, with no commensurate increase in its energy requirements. A sustainable, fabric first solution was devised. The engineers rationalised and remodelled the existing alms houses on the site, whilst adding a series of new elements. The project shows a commitment to reinvigorating and augmenting historic spaces to appeal to wider audiences for generations to come.

Judge’s comments

This regeneration project creates new interest and high-quality space through the reuse of these Grade 1 listed buildings alongside sympathetic low-carbon interventions. Every bit of structure has a purpose and has been very intelligently put together with almost every ounce of the building's fabric being reused. 

Through an extensive process of thorough desk-based research, understanding of the existing structure and careful engineering appraisals and analysis, the engineers were able to achieve greater efficiency and economy by developing proposals to answer the brief in a creative and efficient way.

An inspiring example of how structural engineers can unlock the potential of existing structures without compromising character and integrity.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Alan Baxter Ltd

Client Name

  • Museum of the Home


  • London, UK


  • Wright & Wright

Principal Contractor

  • Quinn London Ltd.

Key Contractors

  • Gardiner & Theobald – Quantity Surveyor Consultant

    Dominic Cole Landscape Architects Ltd – Landscape Architect 

    Gardiner & Theobald LLP – Project Manager

    The Stroma Group Ltd. – Principal Design Advisor

    ZMMA Ltd. – Exhibition Designer

    Elmwood Projects – Exhibition Contractor 

    Dn&Co – Wayfinding Consultant

    Collaborate Furniture – Furniture Procurement

    Alan Baxter Ltd. – Heritage Consultants

    Max Fordham – Building Services Engineer, Lighting Engineer, Acoustics Engineer

    Menzies Partners Ltd. – Fire Engineers

Year Submitted

  • 2022

Key attributes

  • Process

    Photography credits: Hufton + Crow, Wright and Wright Architects, Alan Baxter Ltd. and Helene Binet