Project Description

An innovative, modular, composite (FRP) system designed to improve the safety of level-crossings throughout the UK railway network. The eye-catching design is half the cost and weight of a conventional steel bridge equivalent, and lower in carbon. The bridge features two main components; a modular deck and a supporting spine, which connect through a new ‘gravity clamp’ mechanism. The layout removes the typical 90-degree corner at the top of the stairs, providing users with greater visibility of the onward route.

Judge’s comments

Every detail of the modular bridge system has been lovingly sculpted to produce an elegant and inviting footbridge that meets the stringent requirements of the design brief.

The flexible design can be customised and adapted to local site conditions, and constructed quickly with an efficient standardised installation method that greatly reduces erection time on-site.

More attractive, safer rail crossings give greater confidence to users, and improve active-mobility connectivity between communities. Built-in monitoring to assess usage and maintenance needs will reduce cost for asset managers.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • Network Rail Design Delivery Team

Client Name

  • Network Rail


  • Shropshire, UK


  • Knight Architects

Principal Contractor

  • Sui Generis International Ltd, K S Composites (Fabricator Spine & Deck)

Key Contractors

  • Epsilon Optics (Structural Health Monitoring)

    Balfour Beatty (Site Finishing Works)

    Jacobs (Independent Checking)

    Foflo (Team Perspectives and Momentum Enablers)

    Q-Railing UK (Parapets)

    JT Consulting (Rapid Root Foundations)

Year Submitted

  • 2023

Submitted By

  • Knight Architects

Key attributes

  • Process, People