Project Description

This regenerative project involved the construction of six signature multi-modal bridges ranging from 56m to 152m in length, that provide access to a newly revitalised industrial waterfront area in downtown Toronto.

Judge’s comments

The engineers have created a set of attractive, elegant, distinctive bridges that although unified in their appearance display individual character and have been impressively adapted in response to specific site conditions and requirements.

The designers adopted a hybrid shell-arch bridge structure and used innovative fabrication techniques to create an aesthetically cohesive collection of efficient structures while minimising material use.

Thorough engineering techniques enhance the bridges’ strength and stability and ensure the structures can withstand a variety of environmental factors, including temperature changes, flooding and seismic activity.

Project overview

Structural Designer

  • schlaich bergermann partner, Entuitive

Client Name

  • Waterfront Toronto


  • Toronto, Canada


  • Grimshaw Architects

Principal Contractor

  • EllisDon

Key Contractors

  • Cherubini (Fabricator)

    Central Industry Group (CIG) (Fabricator)

Year Submitted

  • 2023

Key attributes

  • Process