Trustee Board

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The Trustee Board is the Institution’s governing body and its members are our Trustees.

The Board Chair is selected, other Trustee Board members are elected by the membership and appointed by the Council. The Trustee Board comprises twelve members including the Chair, the President, the President-Elect, six Vice Presidents, a Past President and three elected Trustee Board members.

The Trustee Board exists to:

  • Act as trustees 

  • Ensure compliance with our Royal Charter and Bye-laws

  • Develop our strategy and policy

  • Set and maintain a framework of delegation and manage internal processes

  • Ensure our objectives are allocated adequate resources 

Don was the 100th President of the Institution, and has recently retired as director of RPS, a global energy resources and environmental consultancy.

Don has extensive experience and has been responsible for numerous landmark and award-winning projects, like the Belfast Waterfront Hall. He also managed many multi-disciplinary projects in marine structures, bridges, foundations as well as forensic engineering and Expert Witness work. He was first elected to Council in 1989 and has since been involved at HQ, with the development of The Structural Engineer and until recently, serving on the Editorial Advisory Group. He has authored many technical papers, with some winning awards. Don is also a RAE Visiting Professor at Queen’s

Matt Byatt - Past President

Matthew is a Co-Founder and Director at Subteno, responsible for the technical running of the Norwich office. He is a consulting engineer with experience across the commercial, retail, industrial and residential sectors in the UK, as well as offshore structures specialising in 'brown field' work. Matt has been actively involved with the Institution since the mid 1990's serving on numerous panels and committees as well as being East Anglian Regional Group Chair, twice, serving on Council and the Trustee Board. Matt progressed from becoming an Incorporated Engineer in 1995, to Chartered in 2005 and a Fellow in 2015. In 2014 he was presented with the Institution's Lewis Kent Award.

Tanya De Hoog - President

Tanya is a Structural Engineer with nearly 25 years of design experience working on a diverse range of award winning and landmark projects globally. In 2006, Tanya founded Thornton Tomasetti’s London office and now leads the firms Social Impact Initiative from New York. She is passionate about projects and collaborations that deliver positive impact to communities by applying engineering expertise, innovative approaches and technology to create new solutions. Celebrating the role of the engineer in society is important to Tanya and she believes the Institution provides the opportunity for access to community, resources, technical progression that allow this to happen. She is actively engaged in several committees and judging panels for the institution and sits on several other committees outside engineering but within the built environment to promote the role of the engineer as an active participant in shaping the future of the built environment.

Mohamad Al-Dah – Vice President, Trustee

Mohamad was born in Dubai in 1979 and graduated with an MEng from the University of Oxford in 2002. He then worked at Arup UK as a structural engineer from 2002 until 2009, where he developed an interest in renovating old buildings in the UK and around the world. Mohamad became Chartered in 2008 and a Fellow in 2016. He joined Dubai Land Department in 2009 and continues to work there. He founded the Real Estate Appraisal Centre and authored the Emirates Book Valuation Standards in 2010. He is currently working as Survey Director for the Government of Dubai and oversaw the signing of the MOU between the IStructE and Dubai Land Department in 2019.

Kate Leighton – Trustee

Kate is Director and founder of Static Dynamic, her career in engineering began with a university placement at Curtins in Bristol. In her time there she worked on some fantastic projects like Shrewsbury Museum, Bristol Old Vic and the Wales International Convention Centre. In 2016 she began with AECOM in Cardiff and in 2020 formed Static Dynamic. 

Kate’s contribution to the IStructE started in 2007 as Tuesday Group Chair. Since then she has contributed to the work of many panels and committees including the Young Members Panel, Education Panel and the Membership Committee. She is currently serving on the Business Practice and Structural Futures Committees.

Keith Williams – Trustee

Keith Williams CEng fIStructE has worked as a Structural Engineer for the past 22 years within multi-disciplinary engineering consultancies. Mainly involved with the design, strengthening and refurbishment of bridges and ancillary structures for UK clients such as Network Rail, Highways England and HS2. Keith has also worked in Taiwan and the Philippines. 

Keith has been a Chartered Member since 2009. Since then he has contributed to the work of many groups and committees including chairing the Chester and North Wales Regional Group, being an Institution Council member, Professional Review Interviewer, and CM Examination Marker. He's also been a Member of the Professional Development Panel since 2018 and became a Fellow of the Institution in 2019.

Ed Clark – Trustee

Ed Clark CEng FIStructE joined Arup as a graduate and currently a Director in the London office leading a multi-disciplinary Building Engineering design group. Ed was elected Member of IStructE in 2000, Fellow 2014. 

Brian Uy – Vice President, Trustee

Brian Uy CEng FIStructE has been Chair in Structural Engineering and Head of School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney for 17 years. He is also a Distinguished International Professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (The National University of Malaysia).

Brian has held positions at Arcadis, Arup, Worley, Imperial College, National University of Singapore and National University of Malaysia. As Australian Chair he leads the renewal of the Mutual Recognition Agreement with Engineers Australia and has helped to establish CROSS-AUS on structural safety. He has been instrumental in reshaping the ARG to ensure it reflects the membership.

Brian has contributed to a number of panels, groups and councils, including chairing the Australia Regional Group, being a Member of the Council, International Interest Group, Sustainability Panel, Building Information Modelling Panel, Editorial Board Structures and CROSS-AUS.

Liz Marlow – Vice President, Trustee

Dr Elisabeth Marlow is the Principal Consultant at Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP. Elisabeth’s interest in Art, Science and the Environment, led her to study Architectural Engineering, Renewable Energy with Architecture. Her recent doctoral research investigated decision-making interplay of sustainability and resilience across policy, urban planning and practice.  

Elisabeth’s key findings are that Climate Emergencies still need a broader response to risk reduction, adaptation and resilience, as well as mitigation responses. By re-engaging with the Institution, she hopes to work collaboratively with panels to generate more effective changes around adaptation of urban built environments, social usefulness and hazard risk reduction for the different regions.

Tendayi Munyebvu – Vice President, Trustee

Tendayi Munyebvu is Director & General Manager for Jacobs in France, with extensive experience in structural design, construction supervision as well as project and contract management of a wide range of infrastructure projects in a variety of sectors. In his time, he has worked on the Wales Millennium Centre, Heathrow Terminal 5 and is currently working on the ITER Tokamak, (a scientific installation building in France). He has worked in several countries and has led global and multicultural teams in Africa, UK and Ireland and mainland Europe.

Tendayi hopes to apply his experience to guide the Institution’s professional and financial future. He believes a structural engineer needs to be all rounded and members must expand their horizons by networking with other professionals. He would like to facilitate a mentorship scheme with other professional bodies in the industry.

As the first black Vice President of this century-old august Institution, Tendayi will also focus on its diversity strategy on ethnicity and gender, to intentionally bring an equitable UK & Europe representation without compromising on excellence.

Shalini is the Managing Director of Pothos Limited based in Jamaica, which provides building solutions in the form of designs, project management, and construction to small-medium sized commercial, industrial, and essential facilities.

Shalini has been a practicing structural engineer in the Caribbean region since 2005. She worked on projects both as a structural engineer and project manager across at least 8 countries, and continues to work with international organisations such as PAHO/WHO and the World Bank Group to improve resilience and sustainability for critical infrastructure, such as hospitals in the Caribbean region.

Jiemin is the Chairman of IStructE’s China Regional Group, a Member of the Structural Awards Judging Panel and the Executive Chief Engineer of Tongji Architectural Design Co Ltd. This is a multi-disciplinary design office with 5,500 employees, based in Shanghai, China.

He is a Ph.D. candidate supervisor in structural engineering at Tongji University and a China National Engineering Survey and Design Master. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been devoted to scientific research and design practice in the field of structural engineering.

Jiemin aims to continue to support the Institution’s strategic plans in maintaining professional standards and best practices globally and is eager to work towards attracting more young engineers to join the Institution and promote its mission around the world.