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Our Council debates topics relating to the profession and provides high level guidance to the Trustee Board to inform our strategy.

The Council is formed of:

  • The President

  • Representatives of Headline Committees

  • Past Presidents

  • Regional Group Chairs

  • Ordinary members (elected for a period of three years)

  • a number of Graduate Members

  • co-opted members


The Council exists to:

  • determine the core values of the Institution

  • promote structural engineering and the Institution

  • provide high-level guidance to the Trustee Board to inform medium- and long-term strategies

  • act as a forum for the interaction of regional groups and members generally

  • elect for the following year a President and the President-Elect

  • ratify recommendations made by the Nominations Committee for the election of Vice Presidents, Trustee Board Members, Ordinary Members of Council, and co-options to Council



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