Small Practitioners Panel

Our Small Practitioners Panel keeps members up to date with issues affecting small to medium size businesses.

The panel exists to develop the sector’s strengths, capability and professional approach, to keep pace with technological and professional change.

The panel also develops and promotes a series of activities to support members working in the sector, including our Small Practitioners Conference.


  • Chairman
  • Up to 13 other members
  • Corresponding members


Get involved:

With extensive experience of running a small practice, you will assist in developing useful guidance and updates to members working in this area.

You will attend four meetings a year and have full access to all related documents. You will undertake some work between meetings.

Participating in the panel is a great way to contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

We invite expressions of interest in panel membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Contact the panel if you have questions about their work. 


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Featured resources and events

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Adapting to the new business as usual

Julia Leask describes how you can reinvent your business to adhere to the new normal.

Date ‐ 27 October 2020
Author ‐ Julia Leask
Price ‐ Free
Working from home

Remote working for SMEs

Dan Fordham MIStructE provides useful tips for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) forced to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Date ‐ 3 April 2020
Author ‐ Dan Fordham MIStructE
Price ‐ 0
Man in glasses working at laptop

The importance of saying “no” – or “see you soon”

Ken McHale MIStructE, of our Small Practitioners Panel, explains why it’s important that structural engineers, as the guardians of public safety, learn when to say no.

Date ‐ 8 January 2020
Author ‐ Ken McHale MIStructE
Price ‐ 0

Related resources and events

<h4>Expert Witness: going to court</h4>

Expert Witness: going to court

This course is designed to give you knowledge and experience of being in court. You will be cross-examined by a practising barrister in a protected environment to improve your technique, so you can be confident if you are called to give evidence.

Date ‐ 23 November 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £305 - £465
<h4>Writing skills for engineers (November)</h4>

Writing skills for engineers (November)

This course helps you improve the quality of your written reports and reduce the time you spend writing. It covers how to adapt your writing style for different documents and audiences. You will also learn some grammar best practice to help you write clearly and concisely.

Date ‐ 8 November 2022
Price ‐ £305 - £465
<h4>Intellectual Property (online)</h4>

Intellectual Property (online)

This half-day online course will equip self-employed engineers with an understanding of the commercial value of their Intellectual Property. With practical training on how you can protect your design copyright, business name, confidentiality and inventions.

Date ‐ 28 October 2022
Price ‐ £215 - £325
<h4>Financial Fundamentals</h4>

Financial Fundamentals

This course provides an overview of accounting principles and an explanation of accounting terminology. It also covers how three key financial documents are produced.

Date ‐ 27 October 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £305 - £465
<h4>Business skills for engineers</h4>

Business skills for engineers

This two-day course gives an overview of all the essential business tools needed by graduate engineers to make the best progress in their early career.

Date ‐ 10 October 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £565 - £835
<h4>Dealing with domestic clients (online)</h4>

Dealing with domestic clients (online)

This half-day course assists engineers working in the domestic sector for householders or small businesses.

Date ‐ 28 September 2022
Price ‐ £215 - £325
<h4>Resilience-based design of structures (online)</h4>

Resilience-based design of structures (online)

This interactive online course will share current state-of-the-art frameworks for the adoption of resilience-based design in professional practice, demonstrating advantages compared to a traditional prescriptive design and providing examples of how they benefit the client.

Date ‐ 19 September 2022
Price ‐ £265 - £395
<h4>Client appointments and terms of engagement - a legal toolkit</h4>

Client appointments and terms of engagement - a legal toolkit

This course enables engineers to understand, evaluate and negotiate confidently the commercial or legal terms of proposed contracts with clients.

Date ‐ 14 September 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £305 - £465
<h4>Communication skills for engineers</h4>

Communication skills for engineers

This two-day course teaches engineers communication skills, building on specific engineering scenarios and examples.

Date ‐ 7 September 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £565 - £835

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