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Golden thread
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Golden thread

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The golden thread is both the information that allows you to understand a building and the steps needed to keep both buildings and people safe, now and in the future.

All new and existing Higher-Risk Buildings (HRBs) will need to develop a Golden Thread of compliance and safety information.

The golden thread holds the information that those responsible for the building require to:

  • show that the building was compliant with applicable building regulations during its construction, ongoing management and refurbishment

  • identify and manage building safety risks to prevent or reduce the consequences of fire spread or structural collapse

  • covers both the information and documents and the information management processes

  • should be stored as structured digital information in line with the golden thread principles.

The institution is deveoping digital standards.

Building safety should include the fire and structural safety of a building and the safety of all the people in or in the vicinity of a building (including emergency responders).

The golden thread principles

The golden thread should be:

1. Accurate and trusted
2. Residents feeling secure in their homes
3. Culture change: an enabler for better and more collaborative working.
4. Single source of truth: all information together in a single place
5. Secure
6. Accountable: record changes.
7. Understandable/consistent
8. Simple to access (accessible)
9. Longevity/durability and shareability of information
10. Relevant/proportionate

A detailed explanation of each of the Golden principles can be found in the building regulations section of the UK Government website.

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