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What are you going to do about it?

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Reducing carbon emissions is a global priority, but how much difference can one individual really make?

We’re told that flying is bad, and we’re encouraged to think about diets and reusable coffee cups, but the carbon savings that we can achieve through our professional work as developers, designers and engineers is far greater.

Five leading structural engineers explain why we need to take our professional responsibility seriously and commit to doing things better, starting today.

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What are you going to do about it? The climate emergency and the built environment

<h4>Climate emergency</h4>

Climate emergency

The climate emergency is the greatest threat to our planet. Structural engineers have a responsibility to help mitigate its effects by changing the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, commissioned and constructed.

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<h4>Design for zero</h4>

Design for zero

This guide explains why overdesign is so prevalent, its impact on material consumption and CO2 emissions, and provides five key actions you can take now, to reduce the carbon your projects produce. 

Date – 29 October 2021
Author – J J Orr, M Cooke, T J Ibell, C Smith & N Watson
Price – £24.95
A laptop screen showing charts and data

The Structural carbon tool - version 2

Use this tool to help you quickly estimate the embodied carbon in your structures.

Date – 31 March 2022
Author – Elliott Wood
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