Building structures: understanding the basics

Author: Millais, Malcolm

Date published

14 July 2017

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Building structures: understanding the basics

Building structures: understanding the basics
Date published

14 July 2017


Millais, Malcolm


Free to members


Millais, Malcolm

This is a one-stop book for knowing everything important about building structures.

Self-contained and with no prerequisites needed, it is suitable for both general readers and building professionals.

  • Follow the history of structural understanding
  • Grasp the concepts of structural behaviour via step-by-step explanations and apply these concepts to a simple building
  • See how these concepts apply to real buildings, from Durham Cathedral to the Bank of China
  • Use these concepts to define the design process
  • See how these concepts inform design choices
  • Understand how engineering and architecture have diverged, and what effect this had
  • Learn to do simple but relevant numerical calculations for actual structures
  • Understand when dynamics are important
  • Follow the development of progressive collapse prevention
  • Enter the world of modern structural theory
  • See how computers can be used for structural analysis
  • Learn how to organise and design a successful project


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