Design of blast-resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities

Author: L. Bounds, William

Date published

1 October 2010

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Design of blast-resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities

Design of blast-resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities
Date published

1 October 2010


L. Bounds, William


Free to Members


L. Bounds, William

This report provides general guidelines for the structural design of blast-resistant petrochemical facilities, updating the 1997 original edition.

Information is provided regarding U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, design objectives, siting considerations, and load determination. References cite sources of detailed information.

Detailed coverage is included for types of construction, dynamic material strengths, allowable response criteria, analysis methods, and design procedures. Typical details and ancillary considerations, such as doors and windows, are also included.

A how-to discussion on the upgrade of existing buildings is provided for older facilities which may not meet current needs. Three example calculations are included to illustrate design procedures. This report will be of interest to structural and petrochemical engineers involved in the design and construction of petrochemical facilities.  

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