IStructE Benevolent Fund partners with Anxiety UK
Date published

1 July 2020

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IStructE Benevolent Fund partners with Anxiety UK

Date published

1 July 2020

IStructE Benevolent Fund offers members mental health support through partnership with Anxiety UK.

If you’re a member in need of support with your anxiety, stress and/or anxiety-based depression you may be able to quickly access therapeutic support from Anxiety UK via the Institution’s Benevolent Fund.
If you are unable to access therapy/services quickly due to financial and/or other limitations, the Benevolent Fund can refer you to national charity Anxiety UK for a wellbeing assessment, and, if appropriate, Anxiety UK will recommend and provide access to talking therapy with an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist.
Anxiety UK works with therapists delivering a range of therapies including Counselling; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Clinical Hypnotherapy; Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT); acupuncture and others, with various methods of delivery (eg face-to-face; telephone; online/skype etc).
Therapists are available throughout the UK, and since all talking therapies are capable of being provided either online and/or by telephone, support is available where-ever you are in the world.
Dr Kristy MacDonald, Secretary Benevolent Fund, said:
“Both in normal times and in these unprecedented times, many of us may experience difficult and debilitating mental health issues which can impact every aspect of life.
“As with any illness, early support and treatment can be the difference between struggling with a lasting illness or experiencing good mental health in the future.
“The Institutions Benevolent Fund is delighted to launch this partnership with Anxiety UK, to relieve and support members and former members living with anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression.”
Contact [email protected] for more information.
Other Benevolent Fund support available
The Benevolent Fund provides help to all members*, former members, and their dependents who are in need of financial and/or other support.
The type of help available includes:
  • One-off grants
  • Regular grant payments to meet continuing needs
  • Loans
  • Advice on benefit entitlements
  • Referral to organisations offering specialist support (e.g. Anxiety UK)
There is no requirement for applicants to have donated to the Benevolent Fund to access its support.
* student members are not normally eligible for support through the Benevolent Fund.


Benevolent Fund

If you are a current or former IStructE member going through tough times, our Benevolent Fund is here to help. 

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