CROSS expands its remit to include reporting on fire safety
Date published

31 March 2021

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CROSS expands its remit to include reporting on fire safety

Date published

31 March 2021



Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures (CROSS) is operated jointly by the Institutions of Structural and Civil Engineers. Its expansion marks one of the first implementations of a recommendation of the Hackitt Review.

Familiar to many structural engineers, CROSS is a confidential safety reporting system for buildings and other structures. It allows professionals and others to share their concerns about, and experiences of, structural safety and fire safety. This sharing of knowledge helps others make structures safer.

CROSS publishes safety information that supports continuous learning at all levels across the built environment.

As part of the expansion, the CROSS website  has been updated to make reporting easier. The site also offers an easily searchable library of past reports, and structural and fire safety information. This helps individuals and organisations learn more about the safety implications of their work.
"The expansion of CROSS to include fire as well as structural safety is an important step forward in providing reassurance to the general public. This however, is only a starting point. The commitment of the wider built environment sector to contribute to - and then use – CROSS reports will be the acid test."
Martin Powell, Chief Executive of IStructE

Why has CROSS been expanded to cover fire safety?

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, Dame Judith Hackitt undertook an Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety. The final report recommended that CROSS ‘should be extended and strengthened to cover all engineering safety concerns.’
"This is a really important step in changing the culture around buildings and structures to one of openness and transparency. Other industry sectors like airlines have shown how valuable this type of no-blame reporting of concerns can be in identifying potential causes of failure before they happen and ensuring that they are shared with the whole sector."
Dame Judith Hackitt
The expansion of CROSS was supported by funding by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG). This was as part of its aim to deliver the recommendations made in the Independent Review.
"The expansion and strengthening of CROSS is a major step towards implementation of the new building safety regime, providing those in industry with the tools and information needed to effectively share valuable lessons learned and promote best practices. Complementing other reporting systems, the relaunch of CROSS will play a key role in fostering a more open culture towards reporting and safety across all buildings. "
Lord Greenhalgh, Building Safety Minister
In 2020, CROSS also began working with the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) to develop and run CROSS for fire safety.
"Ensuring structures are safe is a fundamental need and expanding CROSS into fire safety will provide more comprehensive monitoring and learning from across the sector. We want to promote a culture of change within industry – one that supports and encourages individuals to come together and share responsibility for creating a safer built environment. "
Alastair Soane, CROSS Structural Safety Expert
We’d encourage all structural engineers to take some time to visit and to share it with their colleagues.


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