EWS1 PII available to IStructE members
Date published

21 February 2023

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EWS1 PII available to IStructE members

Date published
Date published

21 February 2023

The Department of Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities (DLUHC), launched a scheme in September 2022, offering a UK Government backed Personal Indemnity Insurance (PII) for assessors to conduct EWS1's. DLUHC are considering expanding the scheme to include IStructE members.

Eligibility for insurance under the scheme is currently limited to CEng and IEng members of IFE, and those that have completed the RICS EWS Assessment Training Program.

To maximise the impact of the scheme, DLUHC is now exploring options to expand the eligibility criteria to include competent, appropriately qualified members of other professional bodies, including IStructE.

Questions to IStructE Members to ascertain their current capacity and future interest in conducting EWS1 assessments, and whether they would look to use the EWS1 PII scheme if eligible. 
  1. Do you or your firm currently carry out EWS1 assessments?

           a) If no, could you explain reasons for this?   
           b) If yes, what PII cover, if any, do you possess to carry out EWS1 assessments? 

       2. How would you characterise demand for EWS1 assessments? High, medium or low? Are you seeing a change in requests for EWS1s?   

       3. ​Would you/your firm be interested in utilising the EWS1 PII scheme to obtain insurance cover to conduct
           EWS1 assessments?
           Is your interest: Low, medium, or high?

       4. Does yours or your firm’s current PII cover EWS1 assessments or is it excluded? Are there any other
           exclusions to PII held?   

       5. Do you or your firm currently hold any PI Insurance cover to conduct other surveys or assessments of
            medium-rise or high-rise residential buildings (i.e., those above 11m in height), and/or cladding
       6. If yes:

              a) What are the limits of cover?   
              b) Are there any significant exclusions?


Members are asked to return to DLUHC  at: [email protected]


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