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Report of the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Disciplinary Board

In accordance with Procedural Rule 8.4 (01/15/V2PRODB) the following decision of the Disciplinary Board is published with the Member’s name:

A Disciplinary Board was convened on 18 February 2019, comprising of: Mr Murray Armes RIBA, FCIArb, MAE, Mr David Maxwell FIStructE and Mr Robert McKittrick FIStructE with Mr Marios Lambis Barrister of Law and Mr. Ralph Shipway, solicitor as legal adviser, in respect of matters referred to it by the Professional Conduct Committee (“the PCC”).

The complaint was in respect of alleged breaches of Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Code of Conduct. In particular that the member deliberately sought to mislead the Disciplinary Board whilst giving evidence at a hearing on 14 March 2017.  

Taking all matters into account the Board made a formal finding of a failure to comply with Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Code of Conduct. Accordingly, the member had failed to comply with the Laws of the Institution and pursuant to Bye-Law 9 was guilty of misconduct.

Having considered all of the evidence, and in accordance with the Regulations of the Institution, the Disciplinary Board unanimously decided to expel the member from the Institution.

In accordance with Rule 9 of the Procedural Rules of the Disciplinary Board, the member was entitled, within 30 days after receipt of the Decision of the Disciplinary Board to lodge an Appeal against the Decision with the Construction Industry Council Appeals Tribunal (“the CIC”). The CIC, having determined that the Institution correctly followed its procedures rejected the application to appeal, therefore: 

Mr. Djemal Redjab Moustafa is forthwith expelled from the Institution of Structural Engineers