Trustee and Council elections
Date published

13 July 2021

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Trustee and Council elections

Date published
Date published

13 July 2021

The Institution commences voting for candidates standing for election to Board (Trustee) and Council. The President calls for the continued engagement and support from all voting members across the world.

Earlier this year, the Institution announced its initiative to update and modernise some of its practices and procedures, and to enable us to move towards a truly global organisation.

Voting in the first stage election process for a Regional Vice-President in the India, Middle-East and Africa region (IMEA) has just been completed. Members in IMEA have chosen the candidates they wish to be considered for the Institution Trustee Board and did so with a voting turn-out of nearly 28%. That is double the figure the Institution, and similar organisations, usually attains and perhaps demonstrates the interest that has been generated through our new democratic and inclusive initiatives.

In the second round of voting, all eligible Institution members worldwide will have an overarching voice on who the ultimate Vice-President from the IMEA region will be.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to vote for other Board positions (that includes a Vice President from the Australasia and South-East Asia Region) as well as representatives to the Institution Council.

The President thanked those standing for allowing their name to go forward in these elections and called for further engagement and support from voting members as the Institution will shortly commence its annual round of voting for candidates standing for election to Board and Council.

Voting opens on 19 July 2021 with voting members receiving an email containing a link to the voting platform.

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