CPD brochure 2021
Date published

3 November 2020

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CPD brochure 2021

CPD brochure 2021
Date published

3 November 2020



The 2021 brochure of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses is available to download.

We want to be your first port of call for CPD and employee training; covering your employee’s career needs from recent graduate to senior management.


Courses to expand an engineers skill set

We provide a range of training on technical areas including Eurocodes, structural design and use of materials. As well as business essential topics such as law, management skills and business development.


Preparing for Chartered membership

Those about to sit IStructE membership exams can prepare at a time and place convenient for them with our online exam preparation course, or attend one of our popular courses at the Institution’s headquarters.


The very best teaching

Our courses are delivered through partnerships with leading experts, elite academic institutions and trade and professional organisations.

Glance through the brochure and you’ll see our tutors are praised for their professionalism, teaching styles and breadth of knowledge.


Training in-house

We host courses online, at our modern, flexible headquarters in Bastwick Street, London, or at your offices. Many of our programmed courses or a bespoke course to fit your specific needs can be delivered in-house.


Learn more

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in discussing any aspect of our CPD programme. We look forward to working with you.


Upcoming courses


This half day online course assists engineers working in the domestic sector for householders or small business owners.

Publish Date ‐ 2 March 2021

Price ‐ £145 - £235


This online course helps you improve the quality of your written reports and reduce the time you spend writing. It covers how to adapt your writing style for different documents and audiences. You will also learn some grammar best practice. This will help you write clearly and concisely.

Publish Date ‐ 3 March 2021

Price ‐ £295 - £465


This online half day workshop will help you plan for the medium and long term growth of your SME.

Publish Date ‐ 10 March 2021

Author ‐ N/A

Price ‐ £175 - £235


This online course provides guidance on specific aspects of demolition and refurbishment, with a particular focus on existing constructions compared with new constructions.

Publish Date ‐ 10 March 2021

Price ‐ £295 - £395


This online course focuses on the use of structural aluminium, introducing basic considerations and giving guidance on using Eurocode 9. It includes design examples.

Publish Date ‐ 16 March 2021

Price ‐ £255 - £395

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