Wave loading on structures

Author: Martin Young

Date published

23 September 2021


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Wave loading on structures


Martin Young

Date published

23 September 2021


Martin Young


Members - £26.00 + VAT
Standard - £40.00 + VAT

This webinar explores how wave conditions are characterised and applied in the design of nearshore and coastal structures.

The webinar looks at:

  • Wave modelling and wave climates at a project location

  • Extreme events, climate change and combined design wave and water level conditions for design

  • Nearshore and coastal structures

  • Wave structure interaction, and empirical formulae

  • Physical model testing and advanced numerical techniques

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a better awareness of how wave conditions are characterised, and how uncertainty is considered

  • Improved understanding of the wave characteristics used in design

  • Develop an appreciation of the approaches taken to assess and quantify wave actions on nearshore and coastal structures

Intended for

Members who are involved with projects on the coast or have a general interest in the sea.


Martin Young - Chief Technical Director and Engineering Group Manager, HR Wallingford
He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, with extensive experience in maritime projects, and a particular interest in concrete caissons.

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