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As the processing capability of accessible structural analysis tools increases, allowing for more complex solutions and structural forms, how should structural engineers ensure that their designs remain safely and economically constructable?

We're looking for young engineers who can tackle the above question set by incoming President Matthew Byatt. The winner will receive a prize of £500, the prestigious Kenneth Severn Diploma, and see their entry considered for publication in The Structural Engineer.

The Award is named in honour of Kenneth Severn (President of the Institution from 1972-73) and is supported by the late Mr Severn's family.


Your written submission should be a maximum of 1,500 words and may include relevant imagery that supplements the text. Please note: all submissions must be made in English. Deadline: Closed

Judges will consider:

  • Originality

  • Value to the structural engineering profession

  • Clarity of presentation

Previous winners

The Structural Engineer
<h4>Kenneth Severn Award 2020: How must structural engineers respond to the climate crisis?</h4>

Kenneth Severn Award 2020: How must structural engineers respond to the climate crisis?

In his winning entry to the Institution’s Kenneth Severn Award 2020 – an annual essay competition for young engineers – Will Rogers-Tizard argues that structural engineers can help tackle the climate emergency by making better use of materials, understanding carbon values and questioning industry norms.

Date – 2 September 2020
Author – Will Rogers-Tizard
Price – £10
The Structural Engineer
Sketch of engineer under competing pressures at work

Kenneth Severn Award 2021: Raising the levels of competence across the profession

Max de Podesta explores how structural engineers can develop a stronger knowledge-sharing culture and improve competency.

Date – 8 November 2021
Author – Max de Podesta
Price – £0
The Structural Engineer
Diagram showing how carbon should be considered alongside traditional design parameters of cost, quality and time

Kenneth Severn Award 2022: Learning to tackle the climate emergency through materials and reuse

Andrew Blackie examines what the structural engineering profession can learn from the past in order to tackle the climate emergency with a new approach to materials, efficiency and reuse.

Date – 1 July 2022
Author – Andrew Blackie
Price – £10

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