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Research Into Practice Case Study Competition

Write a 1500 word case study on how your research was successfully applied in structural engineering practice.

Have you been involved in a project where research was successfully applied in practice? Our case study competition celebrates the role that research plays in delivering great structural engineering projects.



Your case study could describe project-driven research and development, collaboration with academia and industry that led to practical outcomes in a built structure, or existing research that was applied in a new context.

Your submission should include a 1,500 word case study with up to three images or diagrams.

Your case study should cover:

  • What you have been working on 
  • The issue your research addressed
  • The form of your research 
  • The benefits you achieved in practice
  • How you have met the judging criteria

Please be specific when describing project benefits and outcomes, defining the benefits either quantitatively or qualitatively relative to normal practice.

Judges will consider:

  • New: the originality or difficulty of the scientific/technological uncertainty that was overcome in practice (or applied in a new context).
  • Usefulness: The benefits/outcomes that were achieved on the project, over and above the norm.
  • Collaboration: how did the author(s) work with others to take research into practice – be it academia, other engineers, disciplines, institutions, contractors, stakeholders etc.
  • Repeatable and scalable: how readily could the research or innovation be applied again elsewhere?
  • Communication: is the idea clearly presented and readily shareable?

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