United States of America

United States of America

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We support members in the United States and promote structural engineering in the country.

If you live or work in the United States you can contact us with any questions about IStructE membership or structural engineering in general.

We work with the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers to promote the role and value of structural engineers.

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IStructE believes that ongoing risk assessment of structures is critical. Investigators will review the pier design and changes to vessel impact protection devices to determine potential shortfalls in risk management. Bridge expert Ian Firth, independent consultant, IStructE’s past-President and a Fellow shared his views.

Publish Date – 26 March 2024
Author – IStructE

The Institution publishes the outcomes of five separate cases arising out of complaints submitted to the Institution.

Publish Date – 13 March 2024
Author – IStructE

UK political party leaders urged to make manifesto commitments for embodied carbon regulation in the UK.

Publish Date – 31 January 2024
Author – Various

"The book is illustrated with excellent case studies where structural engineers have played a pivotal role in aiming higher in the system to create new business enterprises."

Publish Date – 23 January 2024
Author – IStructE

Tanya de Hoog FIStructE, the Institution of Structural Engineers’ new President for 2024, calls on her profession, and those in the wider built environment, to harness their collective expertise to accelerate meaningful, scalable, and positive change towards the environment and humanity.

Publish Date – 23 January 2024
Author – IStructE

We must move from an agenda of “do less harm” to one of “do more good”.

Publish Date – 24 January 2024

Emily Halliwell introduces a new series of notes that will signpost key climate resources for IStructE members around each level in the hierarchy of net-zero design.

Publish Date – 2 January 2024
Author – Emily Halliwell

Design of buildings and spaces needs to remove barriers to inclusivity - including age, disability, ethnicity, gender, and neuro-divergence.

Publish Date – 6 December 2023
Author – IStructE

In accordance with the Building Safety Act 2022 engineers working on Higher-Risk Buildings (HRB) will be required to demonstrate their competence to do so. The Institution of Structural Engineers and Institution of Civil Engineers are developing a joint registration process to enable members of both institutions to demonstrate their competence against a new structural engineering HRB standard

Publish Date – 23 November 2023
Author – IStructE

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