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The Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) is a joint venture between industry and universities, conducting field investigations following major earthquakes.

EEFIT objectives:
  • Carry out detailed technical evaluations of the performance of structures, foundations, civil engineering works and industrial plants within affected regions.
  • Collect geological and seismographic data, including strong motion records.
  • Assess the effectiveness of earthquake protection methods, including repair and retrofit, and to compare actual performance with designer expectations.
  • Study disaster management procedures and socio-economic effects of earthquakes.
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EEFIT is managed by a committee elected by its membership.

We rely on volunteer engineers and academics, the financial support of our individual and corporate members, and secretariat support from IStructE.

Access EEFIT images

Imagery and data can be found on the Learning from Earthquakes website.

Get involved:

Membership of EEFIT means making a fundamental difference in understanding the impact of earthquakes.

As an EEFIT member you will survey the aftermath of earthquake events and learn from experienced engineers.

You'll also share your findings with industry, the research community, policy makers and reconstruction stakeholders.


Types of membership:

Corporate member - recommend a member of staff to join a mission team who will be given some priority over other candidates. - £300 annual subscription

Full member - be considered for joining a mission team - £20 annual subscription (£15 for IStructE or SECED members)

Student member - free

If you would like to get involved or have questions contact EEFIT outlining your relevant experience.

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EEFIT/ GEM lecture: Earthquake loss modelling for disaster risk management

Lecture by GEM on earthquake loss modelling for disaster risk managment.

Date – 20 May 2024
Price – Free
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EEFIT Mission report: Turkey earthquake sequence February 2023

This EEFIT Field Mission report, and extended summary in Turkish, details the effects of the Mw 7.8 and Mw 7.5 earthquakes which struck southeastern Turkiye and northern Syria on 6 February 2023.

Date – 6 February 2024
Author – Various
Price – Free
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Build Change: The engineer’s role in improving global housing resilience

This lecture provides an overview of the global challenges to resillient housing and proven solutions for risk reduction.

Date – 11 January 2024
Author – Louise Foulkes, Build Change
Price – Free
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EEFIT research grant showcase lecture II 2023

Annual grants supporting short-term projects that benefit earthquake disaster mitigation and post disaster reconnaissance efforts.

Date – 18 September 2023
Author – Konstantinos Skalomenos, Nurullah Acikgoz and Chenbo Wang
Price – Free
<h4>EEFIT Indonesia, Thailand 2022 recovery missions</h4>

EEFIT Indonesia, Thailand 2022 recovery missions

Lecture detailing the observations from the 2022 EEFIT recovery missions to Indonesia and Thailand.

Date – 30 June 2023
Price – Free
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EEFIT research grant showcase 2023

Annual grants supporting short-term projects that benefit earthquake disaster mitigation and post-disaster reconnaissance efforts

Date – 19 June 2023
Author – Ahsana Parammal Vatteri and Sivasakthy Selvakumaran
Two men sitting in front of the rubble where their homes were - ADOBE STOCK

EEFIT Mission: February 2023 Turkey earthquake

Lecture detailing the EEFIT hybrid mission to the Mw 7.8 earthquake on 6 February 2023 in Kahramanmaras: Turkey earthquake sequence. Provides information regarding siesmotectonics, geotechnical observations, structural analysis, remote sensing, infrastructure, relief response recovery, key messages and next destination.

Date – 29 March 2023
Author – EEFIT
Price – Free
Case Study
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EEFIT return mission to Nepal

EEFIT returned to Nepal following the devastating Mw 7.8 earthquake which struck Gorkha, Nepal on 25 April 2015. This talk discusses the recovery, reconstruction and “build back better” approach, analysing both the physical reconstruction and the institutional framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Date – 6 October 2022
Author – EEFIT
Price – Free
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Optimal design of rubber joints for seismic protection of masonry-infilled frame structures

A report from a project funded by a 2019 EEFIT Research Grant winner.

Date – 2 February 2022
Author – Dr. Enrico Tubaldi, Mr. Prateek Kumar Dhir, Ms. Alessandra Orfeo
Price – Free
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