Progressive Collapse Analysis of Structures: Numerical Codes and Modelling

Author: Isobe, Daigoro

Date published

11 July 2017

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Progressive Collapse Analysis of Structures: Numerical Codes and Modelling

Progressive Collapse Analysis of Structures: Numerical Codes and Modelling
Date published

11 July 2017


Isobe, Daigoro


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Isobe, Daigoro

This book provides a new method for analysing collapse behaviours of buildings under various scenarios, such as impact, fire, blast demolition, earthquake, and tsunami.

The analysis of the vulnerability of buildings against progressive collapse is a challenging task. Progressive Collapse of Structures: Numerical Codes and Applications provides a variety of numerical analysis tools and methods which allow engineers to simulate structural collapse behavior during all stages of the process.

This book covers methods such as adaptively shifted integration (ASI) and ASI-Gauss techniques. Algorithms are supplied to simulate member fracture and contact behaviors.

The author also supplies various numerical examples including case studies from the World Trade Center (WTC) towers in New York City, Nuevo Leon buildings in Mexico, and the collapse of the Canterbury Television (CTV) building in New Zealand.

This book discusses algorithms for simulating fracture and contact behaviors of structural members.

It covers fire-induced progressive collapse analyses of high-rise towers, seismic pounding analysis of adjacent buildings, blast demolition analysis of steel-framed structures, and many more.

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