EEFIT Mission report: Kashmir, Pakistan
Date published

1 July 2008

The Institution of Structural Engineers The Institution of Structural Engineers

EEFIT Mission report: Kashmir, Pakistan

Date published
Date published

1 July 2008



This EEFIT Field Mission report details the effects of the 7.6 Mw earthquake which struck Kashmir on 8 October 2005.

The report provides information concerning:

  • The Kashmir earthquake
    • Damage in neighbouring countries
    • The social and economic significance of the Kashmir earthquake
    • Community vulnerability and resilience
  • Seismology and seismic hazard
    • Regional tectonics structures
    • Seismicity
    • Fault location
    • Strong ground motion
    • Seismic hazard analysis and zoning in the region and in Pakistan
  • Buildings
    • Unreinforced stone masonry buildings
    • Unreinforced concrete block masonry buildings
    • Unreinforced brick masonry buildings
    • Reinforced concrete framed buildings
  • Building damage scale
  • Building damage surveys in the earthquake affected region
  • Performance of buildings
    • Residential buildings
    • Commercial buildings
    • Government buildings
    • Educational institutions
  • Landslides and geotechnical aspects
    • Introduction to landslides and slope failures
    • Larger landslides and the regional ground displacement field
    • Intermediate and smaller landslides
    • Steep terrain and general aerial observation 
    • Undercut and slipped buildings 
    • Embankments and retaining walls 
    • Roads and road networks: retaining walls, buttresses, rockfalls and other landslides
    • Incipient and disrupted slides
  • Other impacts and slope failures
    • Minor lifelines: waterpipes 
    • Agricultural terraces and livelihood 
  • Lifelines 
    • Roads and bridges 
    • Water supply, electricity and telecommunications 
  • Design codes and regulations
    • Summary of the Pakistan seismic code prescriptions
    • Discussion of the Pakistan seismic code zoning map 
    • Comparison of base shear prediction in Pakistan seismic code with Eurocode 8 and UBC 1997
  • Socio-economic impact and recovery
    • Societal impact
    • Casualties 
    • Housing, health and education 
    • Economic impact
    • Emergency relief and recovery 
  • Recommendations for earthquake risk reduction

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