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Post-tensioned slabs in high rise buildings: construction aspects

Nadarajah Surendran describes construction aspects in post-tensioned slabs in high rise buildings.

Using real-life project examples, topics covered include:

  • Key stages in tendon installation
  • Key stages in tendon stressing
  • Key stages in grouting and testing

This evening event was organised by the UK Group of fib (The International Federation for Structural Concrete).


Nadarajah Surendran MIstructE is Technical Director of Praeter Engineering Limited. The company is specialised in PT design, detailing and construction. He has been involved in PT industry for the last two decades with experiences in Asia, Australia and the UK. He is a past chair of Post-Tensioning Association (PTA) and the current deputy chair of fibUK.

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Concrete Training Multi-storey - tall structure Video

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