How to calculate embodied carbon: an overview of the guidance

Author: Orlando Gibbons and John Orr

Date published

18 November 2020


How to calculate embodied carbon: an overview of the guidance

Date published

Orlando Gibbons and John Orr

Date published

18 November 2020


Orlando Gibbons and John Orr



Learn how to calculate embodied carbon and take your first step towards reducing the carbon emissions associated with your designs.

Listen to an overview of the IStructE’s new guide on how to calculate embodied carbon for structural engineers. Presenters outline the background and purpose of the guide, explain how you can apply the calculations to your own projects and give a worked example.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the importance of embodied carbon
  • How to calculate the embodied carbon of a structural design

  • An appreciation of the uncertainty and limitations behind embodied carbon calculations

  • How to critically analyse design decisions using embodied carbon calculations

  • How to present and report embodied carbon calculations

Intended for

Members and non-members. Some content is UK-focused, but the principles of the guide are internationally applicable.

How to calculate embodied carbon: an overview of the guidance



Orlando Gibbons is a structural engineer at Arup, specialising in embodied carbon and working closely with the buildings sustainability team. He is an active member of the IStructE’s Sustainability Panel and of cross-industry groups looking to minimise embodied carbon.

John Orr is University Lecturer and EPSRC Early Career Fellow at the University of Cambridge. John’s teaching and research are closely linked to sustainable construction and improving construction sector productivity. John leads several funded research projects and has built a team of 14 around his vision for optimisation of existing and future infrastructure by learning from real performance. He is a member of the IStructE Sustainability Panel and was elected to IStructE Council in 2020.


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