EEFIT Research Grants

Annual grants supporting short-term projects that benefit earthquake disaster mitigation and post disaster reconnaissance efforts.

Topics for study


  • Hazard assessment
  • Post-disaster impact assessment
  • Field data collection tools
  • Post-disaster data assessment methods
  • Damage assessment techniques
  • Mitigation measures
  • Monitoring recovery and/or reconstruction
  • Assessing resilience




Your application should be submitted by the project lead.

If you are an undergraduate, graduate or PhD student it should be submitted by your academic supervisor.

Projects featuring multiple students are allowed.

Each project should be submitted as a separate application. A single application featuring multiple projects will be disqualified and featured projects may be refused resubmission.

Please submit supporting documentation with your application by the closing date.


Conditions of the grant


By accepting the grant you agree to: 

  • provide EEFIT with a written report on the project, within two months of completion
  • present the results of your research at an evening technical meeting
  • allow all project details to appear on

Grants will be issued in two installments of £750: the first immediately and the second on receipt of a project report of appropriate quality. If you need a larger first installment you can apply for an adjusted arrangement.


More information


Please contact the EEFIT secretary.

Winning reports from 2018

<h4>Multi-purpose open-source and low-cost seismic sensing</h4>

Multi-purpose open-source and low-cost seismic sensing

A report from a project funded by a 2018 EEFIT Research Grant.

Date ‐ 6 June 2019
Author ‐ M.A. Bravo-Haro and A. Y. Elghazouli
Price ‐ 0.00
Damaged building in Nepal following 2015  earthquake

Nepal earthquake: seismic performance and post-earthquake reconstruction of stone masonry buildings

This report is an outcome of the analysis of data and information related to the damage and post-earthquake reconstruction of residential buildings, collected during the field survey by the authors, in light of 2015 Nepal earthquake sequence.

Date ‐ 18 October 2019
Author ‐ Rohit Kumar Adhikari and Dina D’Ayala
Price ‐ Free
Image of structure in Malawi

Seismic risk mitigation for the east African countries - case study: Salima, Malawi

A report from a project funded by a 2018 EEFIT Research Grant.

Date ‐ 18 October 2019
Author ‐ Viviana Novelli
Price ‐ Free