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Professional Review interview

The Professional Review interview is one of two essential elements in our Professional Review process.

The other element of Professional Review is the relevant exam.


What’s involved?

The interview tests your ability and ensures that you have satisfied all the core objectives within your Initial Professional Development (IPD).

You may attempt the interview before or after the exam, depending on what suits you best. 


Interview format

The interview normally lasts one hour. This includes around 10 minutes for you to make a presentation that explains how you have met your IPD objectives. 

Reviewers will try to help you by asking appropriate questions, but it's essential that you can demonstrate how you have achieved all of your core objectives. 


Apply for the interview

Submit an Expression of Interest form to be entered into the first available interview. We’ll get back to you and ask you to submit:

  • Your (PRI) interview form, indicating your interview preferences
  • An IPD final report form for each of your core objectives


Application deadline

Submit your Expression of Interest form at any time during the year and you will be entered into the first available interview or exam.

If you want to take the interview submit your PRI form by the following dates:

Chartered and Associate-Membership: 1 September (1 April for candidates in Hong Kong)

Research and Development Route: 1 March or 1 September

All late applications will be subject to a late application fee of £175.


Interview schedule

Interviews (Chartered and Associate-Member grades) are scheduled between October and December (unless otherwise arranged with the Professional Review and CPD Officer).

Provisional dates for interviews are usually available from August/September each year. 

Interviews in Hong Kong

Usually scheduled between May and August.



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