Become a PRI Reviewer
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Become a PRI Reviewer

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Become a PRI Reviewer and be an integral part of the Professional Review process.

The Institution is continually looking to welcome new and enthusiastic PRI Reviewers to the process to support the Regional Groups in carrying out the interviews each year. As a PRI Reviewer, your role would be to impartially conduct PRIs for candidates seeking professional membership with the Institution. Your main objectives would be to confirm that;
  • The required standard for all IPD core objectives has been achieved
  • A commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has been demonstrated
  • An understanding of Ethics and application of ethical behaviour have been demonstrated

To be a PRI Reviewer, you will need to meet the following criteria to be eligible to conduct interviews on behalf of the Institution:
  • Must be CPD compliant, having submitted a CPD record for assessment the previous year
  • Should have at least five years’ experience at the appropriate level, but this is not an absolute requirement. All professional grades of membership are eligible to become a reviewer.
  • Can be a retired member provided you have kept yourself up to date with the industry, the IPD Regulations and have submitted approved CPD records for the relevant years

Benefits of being a Reviewer

  • Conduct interviews remotely from your office/home
  • Receive compensation for your time given
  • Grow your network within your Regional Group
  • Contribute towards your own CPD

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