Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)
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Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)

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Chartered Environmentalist registration reflects a high level of skill and experience working in sustainability

The Institution of Structural Engineers is a Licensed Member of the Society for the Environment, which means that eligible members can apply for Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) registration through an assessment that will be undertaken by the IStructE.

CEnv registration is open to existing Chartered Structural Engineers, ie. Fellows and Members of the Institution. You will need to show how you have met the 11 competence areas set out by the Society for the Environment which demonstrate environmental competency beyond the baseline set out in our Chartered Member assessment process. This means evidencing both a deep understanding of embodied carbon, and a broad understanding of wider sustainability issues such as biodiversity loss, pollution or social inequity.

Benefits of CEnv registration
  • Global recognition for CEnv certification

  • ​Reflects a high level of skill and experience working in sustainability

  • ​Demonstrates that you have been judged by their peers to be working at the highest standards in the environmental aspects of their work

  • ​Demonstrates high level of knowledge around sustainability and environmental issues, and both leadership and practical application of this knowledge in your field of work

  • ​Demonstrates that you can apply a broad environmental knowledge base within your work, and that you can act as a competent leader of sustainability and an advocate of change in the environmental space

CEnv competences

The full list of 11 competences you will be assessed against can be found in the CEnv Application Guidance Notes, along with information about the level of competence required and examples of how you might demonstrate the competence in a structural engineering context.

The four broad competence areas are as follows:

A: Application of knowledge and understanding of the environment to further the aims of sustainability
B: Leading sustainable management of the environment
C: Effective communication and interpersonal skills
D: Personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession and  the environment.​

Download Guidance notes

Steps to CEnv registration

First step: Establish whether you are eligible to apply for CEnv registration

You must be an existing Chartered Structural Engineer, ie. a Fellow (FIStructE) or Member (MIStructE) in good standing, with the ability to demonstrate proficiency in sustainability and environmental practices.

Second step: Collate and submit your application

You will need to submit a written report with supporting information to demonstrate how you have met the 11 competences set by the Society for the Environment. The CEnv Application Guidance Notes set out exactly what you will need to submit as a report and portfolio of evidence in addition to your completed application form.

Final step: Assessment

You will need to pass as interview conducted by two of the Institution’s Chartered Environmentalists, and the time taken to arrange this interview will depend on the volume of applications being reviewed at that time.

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The CEnv Application Guidance Notes set out the assessment criteria with examples, details on what to include in your application report and portfolio, and an overview of the application process and interview.

An anonymised sample report from a previous CEnv applicant is also provided to show the level of detail you may want to include in your application.
Download sample report


Once you’re ready to apply click on the link below to access the application form. You will need to return your completed form, along with the following documents, to [email protected]:

  • Competence report
  • Portfolio of supporting evidence
  • CV
  • CPD records

Full details of what is required for each of these documents can be found in the CEnv Application Guidance Notes.

Download application form   

Application fee: £200

Charged upon submission of your application. The Membership Team will contact you to request payment.

New registration fee: £100.80

Charged upon successful completion of the assessment process and transferred to the Society for the Environment in full. The new registration fee covers your first year of CEnv registration, up to 31 December, regardless of when you join during the year.

Annual renewal fee: £50.40

This will be added to your annual IStructE subscription notice and is transferred to the Society for the Environment in full.

Niamh McCloskey MIStructE CEnv

"I would definitely encourage anyone who feels like they go beyond what a traditional chartered engineer would advocate for, to consider applying!"

Muiris Moynihan MIStructE CEnv

"As a mark of competence, I expect CEnv to give me extra credibility in my current role...and within industry forums"