Sustainability Panel

Our Sustainability Panel promotes best practice in sustainable construction.

The panel promotes effective industry-wide initiatives on sustainable construction in conjunction with other construction sector bodies.


  • Chair
  • Up to 13 other members
  • Corresponding members


Get involved:

With extensive experience of sustainability issues gained in practice, you will assist in developing useful guidance and updates to members.

You will attend four meetings a year and have full access to all related documents. You will undertake some work between meetings.

Participating in the panel is a great way to contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

We invite expressions of interest in panel membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Contact the panel if you have questions about their work. 

Contact the panel

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Featured resources and events

<h4>Minimal intervention: less is more</h4>

Minimal intervention: less is more

Hear from the engineer behind the Structural Award-winning Newquay Harper Footbridge project - and get into the mindset of only doing what is necessary.

Date ‐ 27 April 2020
Author ‐ Tony Parasram
Price ‐ Free

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A bridge over a dry river bed

Net-zero structural design

A brand new course delivered as a series of interactive online sessions. It will enable you to design structures with net zero emissions.

Date ‐ 4 February 2022
Location ‐ Online
Price ‐ £485 - £715 + VAT
Blue abstract blocks

Circular economy panel debate

A technical debate around practical approaches towards implementing the circular economy within structural engineering and the construction industry.

Date ‐ 7 January 2022
Author ‐ Laura Batty, Andrea Charlson, Penny Gowler and Charlie Wedgwood
The Structural Engineer
Blue abstract blocks

Carbon-reduction measures – cutting through the pushback

Eleana Savvidi laments the resistance that engineers can face when proposing lower-carbon solutions, but urges members to stand firm against misguided pushback.

Date ‐ 4 January 2022
Author ‐ Eleana Savvidi
Price ‐ £9
The Structural Engineer
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Company-wide carbon targets: overcoming barriers to progress

Setting company-wide carbon targets for projects is an effective way to bring about behavioural change within a firm, leading to widespread carbon accounting and reductions across a firm's portfolio. This report summarises a roundtable held to discuss barriers and opportunities for setting targets within firms.

Date ‐ 4 January 2022
Author ‐ Will Arnold
Price ‐ £0
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Embodied carbon basics for structural engineers on-demand course

Learn how to undertake embodied carbon calculations for every project and aspect of structural design.

Date ‐ 15 December 2021
Author ‐ Jane Anderson, Will Arnold, Grace Di Benedetto, Jenny Burridge, Orlando Gibbons, Penny Gowler, Dr William Hawkins, Edward Hoare, Dr John Orr, Walter Swann and Dr Natasha Watson
Price ‐ £0.00 - £215 + VAT
<h4>Novel materials series - Timber concrete composites</h4>

Novel materials series - Timber concrete composites

Novel materials and methods to achieve net zero - part 6 of 6.

Date ‐ 13 December 2021
Author ‐ Wendel Sebastian & Andrew J Smith
Price ‐ £45.50 + VAT
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Mass timber embodied carbon factors

Arup has conducted a review of European manufacturers’ CLT and glulam Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The review demonstrates that the currently adopted industry average carbon factors for CLT and glulam have reduced when compared with factors from the Inventory of Carbon and Energy database (ICE database).

Date ‐ 1 December 2021
Author ‐ Tom Place, Clare Perkins and Lucy Caine
Price ‐ 0
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Sustainable bamboo housing

The development of a vernacular-improved affordable, sustainable, and seismically-resilient bamboo housing technology for Latin America and beyond.

Date ‐ 23 November 2021
Author ‐ Seb Kaminski
Price ‐ Free

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