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Academic requirements

Academic requirements for professional registration

There are several ways to demonstrate that you have met the academic requirements for professional registration, depending on the type you are aiming for: Chartered Membership, Associate-Membership or Technician Membership. 

Accredited degree:

A degree in civil or structural engineering from a university course accredited by the Institution through the Joint Board of Moderators, or an Institution-approved equivalent qualification. 

Recognised degree:

If your academic degree is not accredited by the Institution, you can still apply if your degree is recognised by one of the following international Mutual Recognition Agreements:

If you are unsure about your eligibility please contact the Membership Team with the details of the degree you studied, including the course name, university name and dates of study. 

Academic assessment:

If you have an academic qualification that is neither accredited by the Institution, nor recognised under a Mutual Recognition Agreement, you can still qualify for professional membership by applying for an academic assessment. Please be aware that if your course is not accredited this is not a reflection on the quality of the study you have undertaken, it may just be that the university has not been subject to an accreditation visit. 

The Institution’s Academic Qualifications Panel (AQP) will review all of your academic qualifications under the Individual Case Procedure (ICP) and compare them against the learning outcomes that we require for you to become either a Chartered Member, Associate-Member, or Technician Member.

The AQP meets four times a year to assess each application on an individual basis, taking into consideration the subjects studied and the level completed within the programme of study.

The result of this review will determine whether your qualifications are comparable to verified qualifications. If they're not we will recommend the furhter learning that you would need to undertake. 

How to apply for an academic assessment:

You will need to send the following documents to us to begin the assessment process:

  • A completed Graduate Application Form (Form G) (you will need to submit this form, even if you are already a Graduate Member of the Institution)
  • Certified copies* of your degree certificate(s)
  • Certified copies* of your academic transcript(s)
  • The appropriate assessment fee, and subscription fee if applicable

*Certified copies are photocopies signed by your employer or supporter to confirm they are true copies of the original.

Candidates applying for an academic assessment for Technician Membership will be required to submit either Form S or Form TM instead of Form G.


£50 within one year of graduation, or £150 thereafter. 

Possible outcomes of the assessment, and next steps

If your qualifications are deemed by the AQP to fully meet the academic requirements for Chartered or Associate-Membership this will be logged against your membership record ready for you to apply. Visit the Chartered Member or Associate-Member page for further details on the next steps of the application process. 

If your qualifications are not of an equivalent level the Institution will advise you how to bridge any shortfalls - either by further learning, additional study or sitting the Chartered Membership Exam.

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