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Associate application form

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Expression of Interest for entry into Associate grade (and election/transfer to Graduate Membership, if appropriate)

Disclaimer: The information you provide on this form is required to enable the Institution of Structural Engineers and its Regional Groups to communicate relevant information/services to its members. Once your form has been processed, you have the facility to amend your contact details and preferences via the ‘my account’ section on the website. All data provided in this form will be processed in accordance with the Institution of Structural Engineer’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Personal details 

Employment details (please leave blank if you are currently unemployed or self employed)



Your supporter can be a Fellow (FIStructE), Member (MIStructE) or Associate (AIStructE) of the Institution of Structural Engineers. If you do not know an eligible supporter contact us 





Education 2, if applicable 




Membership of other professional bodies e.g. ICE, HKIE, etc


Candidates declaration and undertaking

This form of undertaking is to be completed by any candidate for admission or transfer to any class of membership of the Institution other than Honorary Fellow in accordance with the provisions of bye-law 1.13.1 I have read the Charter, the Bye-laws and the Code of Conduct. Whilst I am a member I undertake to be governed by the laws of the Institution for the time being in force, and to accept as final and binding decisions of the Board and the Institution on all matters in which they have jurisdiction. I also undertake to promote the objects of the Institution; to attend Institution meetings as often as I conveniently can, and to endeavour to present to the Institution an original communication relating to structural engineering. I further undertake that, upon the cessation of my membership, I will cease to describe myself in any way as a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers. I have no criminal conviction unspent within the relevant jurisdiction. I am not subject to a bankruptcy order, restriction or undertaking. I have not been subject to an adverse finding by another organisation. There is no further matter that may affect consideration of my application.
I have read, understand and accept: 
  • The candidates declaration and understanding
  • The qualification disclaimer