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Sa’id Khalifa Galadanci MIStructE

Sa’id explains the role of a structural engineer and what Chartered Membership of IStructE means to him.

What inspired you to become a structural engineer?

I’ve always been fascinated with buildings and how they come together. When I was young, I was obsessed with LEGO and drawing buildings in school. 

The first thing I do when I enter a new building is look up and figure out in my mind what the structural make-up is.

What are the greatest achievements in your career to date?

Receiving my Chartered Membership certificate is probably my greatest achievement so far.

How would you define structural engineering?

The architect creates the design and structural engineers make the structure stand up. Our expertise is vital because a bad design could cost lives.

Who should become a structural engineer? 

Quick thinking, solution finders. Creative and hard-working people - and you need to be good at maths!

What does Chartered Membership mean to you?

Chartered Membership opens doors for career opportunities around the world and gives me the potential of starting my own business. 

It was tough to become a Chartered Member but worth it! My old line manager was very helpful as a mentor.

How do you interact with the Institution?

I’ve attended loads of events and seminars. They are very useful as you get to learn more about your industry. I especially enjoy the Technical Lecture Series.

I find The Structural Engineer very useful. It gave me lots of ideas about structural scheming when I was preparing for my exam.


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