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Sustainability Open Spaces

Tackle the climate crisis by discussing issues and ideas with like-minded members

The Climate Emergency Task Group (CETG) has initiated the creation of a network of Sustainability Open Spaces. These are informal groups in which IStructE members can join together to share climate related issues, questions and ideas with each another.
The groups are open to any members who are interested, including those who worry that they have little sustainability expertise themselves, but want to hear from others. Meetings are typically small and informal, a truly ‘open space’ in which to ask questions, share ideas and find support.
Whilst the groups operate independently of each other, and of the institution, the CETG acts as a link to the institution’s wider sustainability work. This enables the groups to ask questions of the wider community, or publicise any local success stories.

Get involved

The SOS groups themselves have so far been initiated by volunteers in each of the IStructE’s UK regions. To join a group, please contact your region’s committee in the first instance, or alternatively by emailing [email protected] with a subject line of “SOS”.


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