Design of Marine Facilities: Engineering for Port and Harbor Structures

Author: Gaythwaite, John W.

Date published

26 October 2016

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Design of Marine Facilities: Engineering for Port and Harbor Structures


Gaythwaite, John W.

Date published

26 October 2016


Gaythwaite, John W.


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The essential reference for the engineering and design of ports, harbors, and marine terminals.

Provides the accurate, authoritative explanations and recommendations required by civil engineers who are building and maintaining the structures used to berth, moor, and repair ocean-going vessels.

Topics include:
  • Vessel characteristics
  • Features of marine facilities
  • Operational and environmental loads
  • Berthing loads and fender system design
  • Mooring loads and design principles
  • Design of fixed structures, including piers, wharves, dolphins, access buildings, crane trackage, and ship services Geotechnical design for marine sites, including foundations, slopes, bulkheads and retaining structures, solid-fill structures, and pile and drilled-shaft foundations
  • Floating structures
  • Dry docks rehabilitation, maintenance, and inspection.
The Third Edition completely revises and updates previous editions with expanded coverage overall. Material has been added on seismic design, tsunami effects, sea-level rise, design of fixed aids to navigation, and other topics.

New information is included regarding the rehabilitation, maintenance, and repair of marine facilities, as well as facility inspection, assessment, and life-cycle asset management.


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