IStructE joins 27 other professional bodies in pledge to tackle climate change
Date published

6 March 2020

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IStructE joins 27 other professional bodies in pledge to tackle climate change

Date published

6 March 2020

25 built environment professional bodies in membership of the Construction Industry Council together with the UK Green Building Council, the Edge and the University College of Estate Management have joint pledged to work together to tackle climate change.

They have issued a joint statement that recognises that the breakdown in global climate and biodiversity is the most serious issue of our time and that the built environment is a major contributor.

The 28 signatories to the statement acknowledge that the built environment accounts for almost 40 per cent of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats.

Signalled in the statement is “an urgent need for coordinated action to address and mitigate the impact of the built environment on both the climate change and biodiversity ‘emergencies’.”

To this end, the signatories have established a Climate Change Panel, formed from leaders within each profession and convened by CIC, to aid collaboration and shared endeavour between the professional bodies.

The Climate Change Panel will facilitate the coming together of the built environment professions so that they can:

  • Drive a net zero carbon emissions pathway
  • Identify and promote examples of best practice carbon reduction, climate resilience, biodiversity protection and improvement
  • Encourage thought leadership and innovation to bring about change
  • Share best practice in terms of education accreditation, membership qualification and CPD development
  • Provide advice and guidance on all matters relating to the mitigation of the climate change and biodiversity ‘emergencies’ and the appropriate adaptation of the built and natural environment.

On behalf of members and with the advice of the Climate Change Panel, CIC will:

  1. Support and provide co-ordination and information exchange for the climate change and biodiversity action plans and activities of individual CIC member organisations
  2. Work with the professional bodies to develop partnerships with governments, the Committee on Climate Change, the Construction Leadership Council and other governmental and non-governmental organisations in pursuit of these objectives
  3. Communicate activities both internally and externally, including through the publication of a regular Climate Change and Biodiversity Digest.

Stephen Hodder MBE, Chair of the CIC said:

“This is the most pressing issue of our time. Those in the built environment have an enormous role to play in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from new and existing buildings and infrastructure.

"There is no time to lose and we hope in forming this unprecedented alliance our collective skills, knowledge and influence will drive necessary change.”

Read the Statement on Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency.


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