IStructE publishes Plan of Work for Structural Engineers
Date published

2 July 2020

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IStructE publishes Plan of Work for Structural Engineers

Date published

2 July 2020

IStructE have published a vital new resource to align the work of structural engineers with RIBA’s Plan of Work.

The IStructE Plan of Work will deliver a more collaborative, efficient and accountable process for structural engineers, architects and clients on construction projects of all kinds. The resource is freely accessible to structural engineers and architects regardless of IStructE membership.

RIBA’s widely consulted Plan of Work is the definitive UK model for the building design and construction process, laid out in terms of architectural deliverables. IStructE’s Plan of Work complements RIBA’s by providing structural engineers with their own deliverables, laid out in the context of RIBA’s design stages – briefing, design, delivery and evaluation.

Additionally, IStructE’s Plan of Work incorporates a structural design responsibility matrix that clearly defines the responsibilities of engineers - who will produce what piece of structural design, and at what relevant stage. This reflects industry practice, where a number of structural engineers may work for the client or contractor across the life of a project - and help to close gaps in responsibility.

The IStructE Plan of Work will be most useful to engineers scoping and/or pricing works (defining the responsibilities to be quoted against) and to those tasked with delivery (providing a clear framework against which to measure delivery and change).

The IStructE Plan of Work has been produced over five months by a Task Group of IStructE members drawn from a spectrum of backgrounds.

Task Group Chair, Andy Yates, said:

“The IStructE Plan of Work will enable all structural engineers to clearly define their responsibilities across the project lifecycle.

“The resource is not just useful for structural engineers - it gives clients the opportunity to specify a consistent scope of responsibility for design services to be tendered against, and to ensure that there are no gaps in the services they are expecting to receive.”


Download the IStructE Plan of Work

The Structural Plan of Work 2020

New framework on structural engineering roles and deliverables. Helping to clearly define the roles of structural engineers on building projects, while delivering efficiencies and clarity for clients.

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