Representatives on third-party groups
Date published

7 March 2023

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Representatives on third-party groups

Date published
Date published

7 March 2023

If you represent the Institution on a third-party group, please let us know. We might be able to support the work you do.

If you represent the Institution on a third-party committee, panel, or other group, please tell us about your work. We may be able to provide you with useful information to support your work, and help with succession planning should you decide that you no longer wish to serve.

If you sit in an individual capacity, we would still like to hear from you; however it is important that the body you sit on understands that you are not formally representing the Institution.

Please let us know:
  • Your name
  • Membership no
  • Name of the group that you sit on
  • The organisation the group is associated with
  • Purpose of the group (noting any outputs produced or due to be produced)
  • Terms of service
by email to [email protected]. Please respond by 2 May 2023.

Thank you for your the work you do on behalf of the Institution.