Share your knowledge and help address the climate emergency
Date published

30 May 2020

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Share your knowledge and help address the climate emergency

Date published

30 May 2020

The Institution’s Climate Emergency Task Group (CETG) is working with committees and panels to develop resources and events that will help structural engineers grow their knowledge and respond to the climate emergency.

We are also actively seeking contributions from across structural engineering that can make a difference now.

If you want to provide thought leadership, useful technical information, or a case study that you think exemplifies best practice, we want to hear from you. Your content should fit within one of our six Climate Emergency actions:
  1. Get informed - Understand how your decisions impact the climate
  2. Low carbon - Controlling carbon is as important as controlling cost and safety
  3. Design lean - Reduce material use safely through efficient, precise design
  4. Zero waste – Design structures that are easily reused and recycled
  5. Influence the brief – Convince your client and collaborators to pursue designs that are low-carbon and minimal intervention.
  6. Get involved - Exchange information through the Institution and lobby for change.

Your contributions can be:
  • Thought pieces - start a discussion on how business, design and construction should act in a climate emergency
  • Technical information - based on examples or evidence, that could help design practice mitigate climate change
  • Examples in practice - based on experience, influencing the brief, changing the course of a project to mitigate climate change

The lengths of contributions can vary from 500 words to 2000 words. Your proposal would be subject to review and discussion between the Climate Emergency Task Group and authors.

Contributions will be reviewed by the Task Group to ensure accuracy, relevance and value to members. If accepted, they will be published in The Structural Engineer or on

If you want to get involved please contact [email protected] with a description of your content or a proposal, each of no more than 150 words.


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