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Avoiding common mistakes in FEA modelling

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Peter Debney explores classic mistakes made in FEA models and how to avoid them.

Peter has spent many years building FEA models of dubious quality. He now puts that experience into practice by helping engineers with their own modelling problems. There are a number of errors that appear time and time again, some with minor consequences and some with very serious ones.


Peter Debney is a structural engineer with Arup, an application specialist at Oasys, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Bradford. Peter has over 30 years of experience in structural engineering programs, experience he uses to build and support tools that help engineers to analyse and design structures across the globe.

A member of the Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel, Peter’s enthusiasm for the use of FEA and digital modelling has enabled him to tackle some of the most complex geometric and dynamic problems encountered at Arup.


The Technical Lecture Series is supported by Trimble.

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