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Engineering for the future

How incorporating principles of resilience into everything we do can help us plan and create a lasting built environment.

Is modern building design appropriate for the uncertain future we face? Do we have confidence that our codes will provide a building that will last for 50 years or more? What will be the effect of automation, AI and 3D printing on our industry? What do we need to do now to prepare?

This lecture outlines an alternative approach to resilience, including a risk-based methodology that has been applied at city, community and building level. This considers the concepts of redundancy, robustness and fail-safe; understanding what happens if our buildings exceed their design loads to ensure that our designs are fit for an uncertain future.


Caroline Field Caroline is a principal engineer with more than 20 years of experience in engineering consultancy for the built environment. Caroline currently leads MMI’s Resilience Practice Area, helping clients develop risk-based, comprehensive approaches to resilience.

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